West Virginia Charter Bus Guide

What’s even in West Virginia? Well, Virginia’s smaller adjacent sibling is quite a unique place and we’re taking you to explore the beautiful wonders of this often-forgotten state on your West Virginia charter bus tour. West Virginia has plenty to offer like apples, pepperoni rolls, and beautifully rugged mountain land. In a state full of wonders, where should you stop? We’ve got you covered!

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stops

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stop 1: New River Gorge National Park and Preserve | Glen Jean

For lovers of the great outdoors, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve: Glen Jean is a park for all the ages. This national park offers a captivating outdoor view of the beautiful New River that travels north between two canyons—hence the name New River Gorge National Park. A fun fact about the New River is that it is one of the oldest on the continent and is estimated to be at least 65 million years old. Not only is the New River historic but the park is also very grand and encapsulates the best parts of the West Virginia country, spanning around 70,000 acres. We know what you’re thinking enough with all the fluff, what is there to actually do there? Well, a lot, enjoy a hike, take in the scenery, raft across the river, or bike along a trail. If it’s animals that pique your interest, they are all over the park. What kind of animals? Groundhogs, foxes, squirrels, white-tailed deer, and even mink! So, come with your West Virginia charter bus group and get wild.

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stop 2: Mystery Hole

Coming next a bit of mystery. We know what you’re thinking—what could be so interesting about a hole? Well, it’s a mysterious hole, of course, but why is it so mysterious? That is the question! Okay, so it’s not a hole per se; it’s a building where the laws of gravity are defied! The wacky home-like structure in the middle of Ansted, West Virginia. The Mystery Hole was founded by Donald Wilson in 1973 and has been making people scratch their heads in awe for decades. What exactly is all the fuss about? The Mystery Hole, not hole so to speak, is a self-proclaimed gravity-defying wonder. Come to be amazed and experience a place that is shrouded in gravity-defying mystery on our West Virginia charter bus tour!

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stop 3: Harpers Ferry National Park

For our next spot, we present you a land of fairies, or ferries for that matter—not the magical kind, unfortunately, but still cool. Why is it called Harpers Ferry? In 1761, the Virginia General Assembly established and maintained a ferry across the Potomac River. Today, Harpers Ferry National Park is a combination of a historic town-like area and gorgeous wilderness. What exactly is there to do in this park? The real question is what can’t you do? There are more than 20 miles of trails, Civil War battlefields, and more than 15 historical exhibits. The park strongly discourages going into the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, but they are truly beautiful to look at. This park will have you and your West Virginia charter bus crew in awe; come and see for yourself. river on a fall morning

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stop 4: Orr’s Farm Market

We know you’ve heard of a “farmers” market, but have you heard of a “farm” market? If you haven’t already guessed by the name, it does involve a farm and not just any farm either. This farm is particularly gorgeous and fruitful. The land was purchased back in 1954 by George S. Orr, hence the name, and has been thriving as a farm/market ever since. Between the stunning berry farms and pumpkin patches, there’s plenty to see. The farm market store is the freshest grocery store around where you can expect produce straight from the land. If you’re not into produce, they also have a bakery for your sweet side. Head on and enjoy all this place has to offer and more with our West Virginia Charter Bus Tour!

West Virginia Charter Bus Tour Stop 5: The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum

If you were a fan of toy trains as a kid or spent hours putting together a model of one, you’re going to love this next stop. The story here began with a father and son who bonded over none other than collectible train models in the 1970s. In the beginning, their collection consisted of mostly Lionel Trains, and by the 1980s, it grew into trains like Louis Marx and Company. Their joy for collecting items didn’t stop at trains, throughout this time, they also collected things like classic 1950s playsets, dolls, and dollhouses. For a while, the father and son duo shared their knowledge about their items during informational exhibits they held, and then decided to fully commit and open a museum. By 1998, their doors were open, and the rest is history, literally. The experience here is much like what you would find spending hours sifting through a thrift store, except there are only the interesting things, so you don’t have to spend time searching. Check out the history of these gems.

West Virginia Charter Bus: Exploring The Wild West… Virginia

When it comes to exploring the wonders of West Virginia, utilizing a motor coach rental is not just convenient, it also enhances the overall experience. With a Motor Motor Coach Family of Brands, you get the state’s scenic routes in comfort, all with the peace of mind that comes with our reliable transportation. All you must do is book a charter, round up the crew, and enjoy unforgettable memories across the picturesque terrain of West Virginia. Motor Coach East covers all your West Virginia charter bus needs, you can request a quote here.  
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