Maine Group Travel: Land of Lobsters

Let’s talk about the lobster roll or just the place that makes us think of lobsters in general. That’s right we’re talking about Maine! In the grand scheme of American history, what’s up with Maine? Well, during the Civil War, Maine was all about that Union life. They sent a bunch of soldiers to fight for the North and even built a bunch of ships for the Union Navy. In the 1900s, industrialism was brought their way. Maine had paper mills, shoe factories, and unsurprisingly a shipbuilding industry. Today, Maine brings hundreds of tourists year-round and we’ve got a list of the most popular places you should visit when you get there.

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Eating In Maine: Maine Lobster Festival

We’ve already mentioned Maine is in cahoots with lobsters, but maybe you didn’t know they were also in cahoots with rolls, lobster rolls. The first week of August is significant for many things but in Maine, it’s all about that Maine Lobster Festival. During the Maine Lobster Festival, you get five whole days of delicious lobster feasting. This Maine festival is also great for connecting to people from around the world, that’s because it’s an internationally recognized festival! The Maine Lobster Fest has more than just chowing down, there are arts and crafts, a parade, and even something they call “the international crate race”. Be sure to check out their website for other events being held!

Take Your Group To A Maine National Park: Acadia National Park

This Maine national park serves up more views than Tik Tok and has an abundance of nature to offer. If you’ve ever seen The Sound of Music and craved visiting a site similar, Jordan Pond is where it’s at. It’s not just a little pond, it’s a whopping 187 acres. Maybe you’re more of a heights person. Which makes you the perfect person to visit Cadillac Mountain, a mountain made of Cadillacs you ask? No, but it was named after a french adventure with a long name (Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac), see if you can finish that name before reaching the top of this 1,530-foot Maine mountain. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and the first place to view the sunrise. Speaking of sunrise, are you the kind of person who is also interested in beaches? This Maine park has that too, because, well it’s the perfect balance of water, air, and fire. What’s the name of the beach? You’ll never believe it… Sand Beach… Just that simple, this is one of those picturesque spots you’d have to see to understand its superiority to other beaches. Have you ever wanted to be splashed by violent waves crashing against giant rocks? If your answer is yes, then you need to check out The Thunder Hole, it may sound like a place for sporting games but the only sport being played here is nature vs well anything that comes in its path. Just in case you were thinking of leaving this giant park full of treasures to grab a bite… don’t. This park comes with its own restaurant called the Jordan Pond House, which is very popular for its popovers, and of course, it has a stunning view of the park. The Acadia National park would not be complete without its iconic lighthouse atop a cliff. This old chap was built in 1858 to warn mariners of the Bass Harbor Bar at the eastern entrance to Bass Harbor, and also to mark the southeast entrance to Blue Hill Bay. This Maine lighthouse is best served as a place for photo takers and onlookers alike. Located on the west side of Mount Desert Island is a desert-lake hybrid where you can find an abundance of fish in the water, mainly trout. If all of this wasn’t enough there’s a fall dream of a path to view orange-tinted leaves and plentiful lakes on the George Trail. Last but not least, back at it again with the big rocks and ravenous waves is Schoodic Point, which gives the perfect amount of scenery and danger… not to worry, the danger is only if you plan on going for a swim, but don’t do that. There you have it, the park that has it all that will make you never want to leave.

A Maine Surprise For Your Group: Desert Of Maine

This state has beaches, mountains, lakes, and even ponds….. But wait! There’s more! Maine also has a desert. It’s described as a weird and magical place and holds 20 acres of sand dunes, but it’s in the middle of a forest. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a desert, how about a desert in the 1800s? Well, in the desert of Maine, you get to see just that! Enjoy a farmhouse captured in time when you visit the house owned by The Turtle Family. Go to the sandiest place in Maine and get weird while exploring!

Getting Your Group Around Maine

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